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Weight loss: Rujuta Diwekar shares tips on choosing the right diet plan – Times of India

As per Rujuta, the first sign of an unsustainable diet is that it promises quick weight loss. We all know that weight loss is a time taking process and you have to have a realistic goal when aiming to lose weight.

She said that in an unsustainable diet, you can surely lose weight quickly in the beginning, but it will cost your health. Moreover, the weight loss is for the short-term. After a while you tend to gain the lost weight again.

The second common thing about unsustainable diet trends is that it always revolves around carbs, protein, fat, calories and mostly suggests eliminating a food group entirely from the diet. Rujuta added that the easy way to distinguish these diets is by their names. She said that these diets always come with fancy names like Keto, LCHF, Paleo, IF, Atkins and others.

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