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Improving Sleep Through Supplements & Healthy Diet – 9 & 10 News – 9&10 News

Not being able to turn your mind off before bed or waking up with racing thoughts is more common than you might think.  Everyday life stressors combined with the pandemic can cause sleep problems on a regular basis.

That’s why holistic family nurse practitioner with Table Health in Traverse City and creator of Northern Roots Wellness, Meghan Sarna has some valuable recommendations involving what we’re putting into our bodies.  Everything from the food we’re eating to the supplements we take, can all have major effects on the body’s sleep cycles.

To see what Meghan Sarna recommends from caffeine-free teas to vitamins like magnesium and melatonin, check out the interview from ‘the four’ posted above.

For a direct link to Table Health in Traverse City click here.

To contact, Meghan Sarna with Northern Roots Wellness click here.

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