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Fitness enthusiast Harsh Gawali's latest body transformation will leave you astonished – Asianet News English

From being fit to gaining muscle and building abs, fitness freak Harsh Gawali’s body transformation will leave you inspired to start working out right now. 

Harsh is a 24-year-old guy from Pune who kickstarted his career as a freelance model back in 2015 and is currently working at one of the leading Edtech companies in India. 

Apart from being a freelance model, Harsh is an ardent fitness lover and has been focusing on his body transformation since years. In his recent Instagram post, Harsh shared the pictures of his fully transformed body which has left the netizens astonished and how. 

Sharing his transformation pictures, Harsh wrote a heartfelt message and the thought behind his transformation. Harsh shares, “

The intention behind what we post on social media is very important. If you have a large following then it is your duty to plant seeds of Light in people’s lives each day. Because Karma for planting darkness is very severe.

So.., this is a friendly reminder that every single person you see today is battling through something,  so spread positivity and don’t be a problem to people…The world has enough of Critics …BE AN ENCOURAGER!!”.

Within minutes of uploading his transformational pictures, Harsh received a tremendous response from his followers and friends who were pouring in lots of love and positivity for the young lad. 

Harsh Gawali is a former 55 kgs wrestler and has achieved milestones in climbing some of the hardest pinnacles of Maharashtra. In addition, Harsh is also a trained cadet of Maharashtra Civil force.

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