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Consumer tip: Unsubstantiated COVID-19 health claims – Marin Independent Journal

We are all concerned about protecting our health, especially while the risk of becoming sick with COVID-19 weighs on all of us.

There are some health care-related companies, as well as a few medical professionals, that have taken advantage of the legitimate health concerns of consumers by marketing products using unsupported claims regarding the efficacy of particular treatments. They include acupuncture treatments, ozone therapy, electromagnetic shields, music therapy, intravenous vitamin C, melatonin, detox treatments, Chinese herbal medicines, nebulized hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, iodine, plant-based supplements and more. While it is true that some of the treatments may have some type of health benefit, be aware that there is no current documented proof that these products and treatments can treat or prevent the novel coronavirus.

For a detailed list of marketers making unsubstantiated claims, go to and search for “Coronavirus (COVID-19).”

For more information, go to or call 415-473-6495

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