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Vitagene DNA will give you a diet plan genetically tailored to you – Deseret News

Vitagene is bringing something new to the at-home genetic test market — tips on how to genetically hack your metabolism, according to Engadget.

While Vitagene offers the same reports on ancestry and heritage as other at-home kits in its packages, the company also offers customized diet, exercise, supplement and even skincare recommendations based on the consumer’s genetic makeup.

Their marketing isn’t just health or family history based, Engadget reports. Instead, Vitagene’s goal is to help people live healthier lives based on genetic insights about how best to help their bodies.

Vitagene will also allow users to upload their previously analyzed genetic profiles and receive personalized online nutritional coaching and supplements shipped to them for an additional cost — a good option for those interested in their particular insights who have previously had their DNA analyzed by another company.

CNN reports that while the guidance offered by Vitagene’s tests can reveal certain food sensitivities, genetic predispositions to weight gain and can help people develop healthier lifestyles, they shouldn’t replace necessary consultations with medical professionals.

The at-home DNA testing market seemingly exploded in the past few years. Companies like Ancestry offer tests that can help you find long lost relatives, your ethnic makeup, and where your ancestors were from. And for $50, consumers can buy the AncestryHealth test, which includes personalized as well as generational genetic health reports and access to genetic counseling.

The company 23andMe offers similar tests, divided by tests that provide genetic information about a consumer’s ancestry and traits, or health and ancestry.

The explosion of interest in at-home genetic tests seems to have settled, CNBC reports. Just this month 23andMe laid off 14% of its staff.

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