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How To Lose Weight Using The GOLO Diet Plan? – International Business Times

Ever since 2016, the GOLO diet has been the most sought-after weight loss plan.  Developed by a team of physicians and experts, the diet focuses on managing insulin levels via diet, exercise, and supplements to promote weight reduction. Although it might be effective, it is considered challenging and pricey.

The GOLO diet plan comprises of three main components- the GOLO Release supplement, a guidebook, and an online community. While the guidebook includes tips on creating healthy, balanced meal plans based on your food preference and basal metabolic rate, the ‘GOLO release’ supplement is enriched with minerals and plant extracts that help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce hunger, cravings and increase energy.

The diet plan includes a metabolic fuel matrix which lets you select from four different fuel groups- proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fats. You will be allotted 1-2 standard servings of each fuel group for three meals per day. Exercising earns you additional points, which lets you consume extra portions or snacks throughout the day. The diet plan instructs you to refrain from consuming processed and refined foods including red meat, dairy products, and artificial sweeteners.

You are also allowed to take up short-term versions of the GOLO diet plan including the Reset 7 or the 7 Day Kickstart which the company suggests for eliminating toxins before following a regular GOLO eating plan.

Studies published on the company’s website have reported about 14-15 kg weight loss in about 25-26 weeks upon following the GOLO diet plan which combined an exercise regimen alongside diet, behavioral changes, and the supplement.

However, it must be noted that these were only small studies that weren’t published in any peer-reviewed journals. And being funded and conducted by the makers of the diet plan, these studies might have a high risk of bias.

Moreover, it remains unclear about what contributed to the significant weight loss; whether the GOLO program and supplements or simply the combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

Although the GOLO Diet might help some people lose weight, further research is required to find out if it is more effective than other diet plans.

According to the company, these are the things that make the plan exceptional:

  • You are allowed to eat 20-30% more food compared to conventional weight-loss diets.
  • The diet focuses on making healthier choices and increasing your metabolism rather than restricting food intake or counting calories.

The GOLO Diet plan for weight loss Photo: mojzagrebinfo, Pixabay

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